Who we are?
History of Higashikita Go Club

Our club borns in summer 2004 when small Go clubs from various areas of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (such as Trieste, Cormons, Udine and Ragogna) begin to gather in Udine and, later, in Cormons.

Before Summer 2004, everybody used to play only in his own city, in very small groups of players. However, somebody had already played in some tournaments in Italy or Slovenia.

The meetings in Cormons then continued monthly, and it was during one of them that the name of the Go club, "Higashikita" (meaning just north – east, the location of our area in Italy), was decided.

In the following months other players joint our meetings, and more and more of us started playing in tournaments in italy or neighbour countries.

In 2005 we are going to start the organization part as well, demostrations of the game of Go are going to take place in some abstract games meetings, tournaments will be organized and we are also thinking about creating a team for the italian team championship.